By day, I’m the editor in chief of Scout Somerville and Scout Cambridge, a pair of hyperlocal print magazines. By night (or afternoon, or weekend—whenever there’s time) I freelance for places like Tonic, VICE’s health and wellness vertical. There, I’ve covered everything from the ways chemo messes with your sex life (and why oncologists aren’t bringing it up) to drugs that could help end opioid addiction to the tricky process of addressing egg freezing with patients.

I’m the former editor of Northeastern University’s music mag, Tastemakers, and I’ve published album reviews and music news in outlets including Under the Gun Review and OurStage. I’ve written for a handful of other places too, but… you get it, right?

My interests include—from most to least specific—collections of short fiction written by contemporary American women, emo bands from the Greater Philadelphia area, cycling (and cyclists’ rights), and food. You can find me on Twitter, on LinkedIn, or hanging around at Great Scott in Allston. Shoot me an email at emilylcassel at gmail dot com.