In September 2016, I reached out to Somerville Community Access Television about working on a new series together. The idea was this: Scout Somerville and SCATV would team up to bring a few stories in each print edition of the magazine to life online. Their videographers would collect footage while I conducted interviews—after all, I was meeting and speaking with these people anyway.

We called the project SCOUTV, and it debuted in the magazine’s November/December 2016 edition.

You can watch a few of my favorite videos from this collaboration below and find more on Scout’s website. I was also recently interviewed about the project by Stanford University JSK journalism fellow Heather Bryant, and you can find her report on our efforts here.

On The Air

  • In November, DJ and all-around good dude Adam 12 kindly asked me to stop by boston.com’s RadioBDC to share six songs with their lovely listeners. I responded by calling him out for not featuring enough women. We had fun!